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Solve Wrong permissions on configuration file, should not be world writable! error on phpMyAdmin


phpMyAdmin want config.inc.php to be not world writable, it's sound simple, but not if you run phpMyAdmin from an NTFS filesystem (in my case, linux server who mount a Windows folder) it's not that simple. There are two way to solve this problem :

Simple way, Linux Server, Linux Filesystem

Just chmod 0755 the file

chmod 0755 config.inc.php

Linux or Windows Server, NTFS Filesystem

If like me you run a Linux Virtual Machine who mount a Windows folder where phpMyAdmin sources are located, edit config.inc.php and add this line :

$cfg['CheckConfigurationPermissions'] = false;

This will tell phpMyAdmin to stop checking for fileperm because they can't be properly detected.

Hope this help

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