Virtually Fatal Reality

Imagine virtual simulations generated by a psychopathic Eldan AI, each with unique story elements, gameplay mechanics, and objectives. The environments might be simulated, but the phat loot is real !

Adventures are repeatable instanced zones requiring a group of five to accomplish objectives.
Veteran mode is for level 50 characters and add improved difficulty in trashs & bosses fights.
Adventures feature a tons of lore and gameplay variants.

Adventures List, Normal Mode

  • Riot in the Void, level 15, Dominion only
  • Hycrest Insurrection, level 15, Exile only
  • War of the Wilds, level 25
  • The Siege of Tempest Refuge, level 30
  • Crimelords of Whitevale, level 40
  • The Malgrave Trail, level 45

Adventures List, Veteran Mode

  • War of the Wilds
  • The Siege of Tempest Refuge
  • Crimelords of Whitevale
  • The Malgrave Trail
Moodie Mask War of the Wild

War of the Wilds Adventure Guide

Snow is a dish best served cold Backstory, schmackstory – all YOU need to kill an afternoon is living targets, and the only plot you’re interested in is the funeral kind! Battle for territorial dominance of an arctic, storm-blasted frontier as your team and...

WildStar Adventure : Hycrest Insurrection

The Hycrest Insurrection Adventure Guide

Field of Screams The farmers of Hycrest have had enough and now your team of social saboteurs has been sent to support their uprising and teach those high-falutin’ Dominion city slickers the meaning of blood harvest! Will you align with a wily Black Hood...