Leveling Dungeons Rewards changes

Some details of the future intended changes for adventures/dungeons rewards :

We are working to create both more to do and more incentives for players to dive in to the group content during the leveling process

We are creating a level 10 ‘tutorial’ dungeon that is aimed at teaching groups of our players the sorts of mechanics that they will see most often within the dungeon content going forward. The instance will be much easier-comparatively-to the other dungeons, but should help teach players stuff like how IA armor works and class roles.

We are (very soon) adding quests for leveling players to complete each dungeon and adventure that have some sweet rewards in order to encourage them to dive in during the leveling process.
The rewards both items, xp, and gold are being reviewed for the leveling dungeons and likely boosted up to feel more accurately rewarding for the challenge required to complete them.

While these changes do not require players to be more polite to each other, they should help in encouraging folks to both learn and accept the challenge of our group content during the leveling process.

Too bad a lot of us already reach the maximum level …
Source : Official Forums