Open Beta Closing Event on Ascendancy Realm

Ten days after the opening of WildStar Open Beta, each Carbine developer was assigned to a realm and a faction to animate the epic open beta closing event.
WildStar Open Beta Closing Event
We all gathered in Thayd to meet CRB_Stark who took the appearance of The Caretaker for the last couple of hours of the Beta.
As the event progressed he spawned a lot of Dungeons & Warplots Bosses in Thayd while we attempted to kill as many as possible, unfortunately we were often overwhelmed, but the city guards were very helpful.

We died pretty often as a lot of us were not level 50 already, but it was a really fun & unique event.

The game handled pretty well all the people (~200-400) with 25 FPS in combat to 40 FPS while idling and almost no lag, at least for me.

Open Beta Closing Event Gallery