Shiphand : Infestation Veteran Guide

Salvage Rights is the third shiphand mission you will encounter in WildStar.
It is available for both faction, Exile and Dominion at level 18.

Shiphand : Infestation Location

Follow the quest « Salvage Rights » you will be given at level 18 to find Captain Tolben.
You can find Captain Tolben at two different places :

  • Galeras, in the Crosswind Post (Exile)
  • Auroria (Dominion)

He has located a wrecked X-82 cargo vessel and intends to salvage it, with your help.

Shiphand : Infestation, Normal Mode

The Shiphand is pretty straight forward.

Clean the first room and close the three vents without staying too long near them, once done head for the « Medical Bay », beware of the trap on the corridor.

In the Cargo Bay, you will have to seal successively six Hull Breaches and save crew members.
Clean the room while waiting, look for the breach that spawns, seal it, rinse and repeat.

Now head to the « Medical Bay », grab the medical supplies and make your way back to the entrance.
Nothing really complicated, kill everything to complete the shiphand.
Note that healing a crew member will spawn creatures.

Shiphand : Infestation, Veteran Mode, Gold Medal

To get the gold medal, you need to complete these objectives :

  • Beat the 18 minutes timer.
    Don’t rush you’ve got plenty of time.
  • Don’t die.
  • Tag 6 valuable cargo for retrieval.
    Easy task, you can’t miss one. Beware, creatures will spawn after you tag a crate.
  • Seal 6 Hull Breaches.
    This is where you generally loose the Gold Medal :
    You need to be quick enough to save the crew member, but sometimes he disappears in outer space within a second, so get used to the six possible Hull Breaches locations.
    You can seal a Breach even if mobs are hitting you, so use your spare time after the first breach to clean the middle of the Cargo Bay.
  • Defeat the attack on Medbay
    Upon approaching the Medical Supplies, you will be attacked by three Deceased Guards. The lower floor will be filled with gas, move near the entrance and fight them.
    Once dead, they will revive as Lashing Spawns and attack you again.
    They finally reform into one big Lashing Fiend.

The end of the instance is pretty easy and similar to the Normal Mode, you can finish the Shiphand with more than 6 minutes remaining.

Shiphand : Infestation, Veteran Mode, Gold Medal Guide

You can find an old beta video here