Stormtalon’s Lair Dungeon Guide

In the heart of Galeras, at the southern end of the mysterious Gale Canyon, lies an ancient cave known as Stormtalon’s Lair. Watched over by a tribe of the mysterious Thundercall Pell – an enigmatic race that is native to Nexus – the cave has always been a shrouded in mystery. But recently, the Exile Academy of Science has detected a strange energy source emanating from the depths of this cavern, and sent in a team of researchers to investigate. Unfortunately, the members of this team have not yet returned – but their scattered reports have shed light on the strange ritual taking place in the shadowy depths of Stormtalon’s Lair.

— WildStar Online

Stormtalon’s Lair is a Wildstar dungeon intended for level 20 characters. You can enter prior to 20, but cannot use the dungeon finder until reaching level 20.

Location & Entrance

Stormtalon’s Lair is located in the Exile zone of Galeras, south of the Thunder Call Village.
You no longer have to discover the entrance to queue for this dungeon.


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Stormtalon’s Lair : Trash Mobs

There are multiple kinds of trash mobs, Thundercall Sentinels & Shamans come in pairs, Storm Weaver, Skyborn Tempest come solo.

Thundercall Sentinels & Shamans :
Shamans are priority targets because of their heals, you can control them with everything you got easily, remember, every class including healers got stuns and interrupts, slot one or two in your LAS and use it.
Sentinels use some kind of shockwave attack, interrupt or avoid it.

Storm Weaver :
Stun one random player and then use a powerful attack at 1.5K damage per second, interrupt them as soon as possible, if it’s not done in time, it’s a certain death for the target.

Skyborn Tempest :
Charge an electrified zone at his feet, move him when this happens.
He also cast Manifest Cyclone that spawns a tornado, interrupt it or avoid it.

Stormtalon’s Lair : Blade-Wind the Invoker

First and hardest boss of the instance.
You will notice that there are 4 shielded minions around Blade-Wind the Invoker, the fight is simple, if minions are shielded, Blade-Wind the Invoker is not, and vice-versa. Damage those not shielded, avoid telegraphs, stay together, limit damages taken and it will be ok.

Blade-Wind the Invoker

Blade-Wind the Invoker

Phase I : Blade-Wind the Invoker

Basically a Tank & Spank phase
Let the Tank grab aggro at first then start damaging the boss, beware of the boss basic attack damage, it hurts a lot.
Never let the tank under 75% life.
Blade-Wind will periodically cast lightning strike which will spawn a big red cross telegraph. Avoid it.

Stay grouped for healing but theoretically only the tank will take damage in this phase.

Phase II : The Thundercall Channelers

The purpose of this phase is to defeat one by one the four minions that shield Blade-Wind the Invoker.

You will be subdued at first so grab your weapon on the ground if you can (Or wait a few seconds) and start fighting the minions.
People generally do this clockwise, move as a group and stay close to your healer. Don’t try to fight alone, you would die !

Blade-Wind will cast lightning strike on one group member with a red circle telegraph that will follow him until it glows bright red and drops at player’s place. Your goal is to put this telegraph under Channelers to deal them heavy damage.
This is the key of this phase, the more lightning strike you put on minions, the quicker this phase will be.
Everyone must stay close to the minion, run toward him if he gots the red telegraph, and exit the zone when it stops moving. Simple but requires some practice. If you stay in the zone, that is a ~4K damage and a stun.

Every time a Channeler is killed static wisps appear. They stun and damage player staying in their telegraphs, they don’t do a lot of damage, but coupled with the lightning strike, that will be a lot of unnecessary pressure on the healer.

Phase III : Blade-Wind the Invoker

After another subdue, final phase will begin.
This is the same as the first phase (Heavy damage on the Tank) with the static wisps from phase II.

Blade-Wind also gots a new ability called Electrostatic Pulse : big telegraph that takes the entire room with safe spots.
Try to stay grouped near the healer, avoid telegraphs and move in safe spots as soon as possible.

Avoid everything and finish the boss.
This fight is not easy, you will wipe on it until every party member learns mechanics, but it’s really a fun and challenging boss.

Stormtalon’s Lair : Aethros

Aethros is the second boss of the instance and is a big whirlwind elemental.
He will be fought in a wide hall, with whirlwinds at sides.



Phase I : Aethros

Simple Tank & Spank, move out of the telegraphs, three different choices : under each member of the group, under him, or targeted at a single player.
After a moment Aethros will cast an ability called Air Shift (Text « Aethros start to dissipate » will appear) and disappears.

Phase II : Gusts of Aethros

Three Gusts of Aethros with 63.2K HP each will spawn, the tank needs to quickly take them. Kill them, they can be crowd controlled easily.
After the last one is dead, you are explused to the end of the hall (Text « A Zephyr sweeps you off your feet! » will appear) and Phase III begin.

Phase III : Make your way back to Aethros

Aethros will be at the other end of the hall and will start to cast Tempest, gaining power until you interrupt him.
Your goal is to reach him quickly enough to interrupt him before he wipes your party.
Every member should take an interrupt skill on his LAS to this purpose.

Tornados will start to move on your way and random lightning strikes telegraph will show. Tornados will move you in the air and do ~1K Damage, lightning strikes 4K and a knockback.
Dodge everything interrupt Aethros as soon as possible.

After reaching the boss, and interrupted him, he will return to Phase I.
Rinse & Repeat.

Stormtalon’s Lair : Overseer Drift-Catcher (Optional)

Either Overseer Drift-Catcher or Arcanist Breeze-Binder spawns during Stormtalon’s Lair run.

Stormtalon’s Lair : Arcanist Breeze-Binder (Optional)

Not a really complicated fight if you can interrupt him.
He will summon Tornadoes that damage and knockback you. They are rather slow moving, so easy to avoid.
Interrupt him to prevent infinite spawn of Skyborn Gusts. Focus Gusts then Breeze-Binder.

Stormtalon’s Lair : Stormtalon

The Thundercall High Priest will finish the invocation of a winged abomination known as Stormtalon when you enter the final room.
Final and easiest boss of Stormtalon’s Lair.

Stormtalon Incubator

Stormtalon Incubator

Phase I : Stormtalon

Let the Tank grab aggro at first then start damaging the boss. Beware of the front cleave, a quick telegraph in front of Stormtalon that does not make a lot of damages.

Avoid the lightning telegraph that regularly spawn under two players of the group (Text « Stormtalon radiate with power » will appear), not a lot of damages, but a knockdown.

Stormtalon will expulse everyone to the edge of the chamber and stun you on place.
Use the right anti-stun key and make your way to the boss to avoid the tightening telegraph that deals ~1K damages every second or so.
Back to the boss you have to interrupt him to stop the telegraph covering the entire room, and preventing from wipe.

He will do this expulse/stun combo multiple times during the phase.

Phase II : Stormtalon

Stormtalon will cover the entire room with a telegraph, with the exception of a small safe spot, centered on one player (Text « Electricity flows through {player name} » will appear) that seems to be always the tank.

Quickly regroup near that player in the safe zone. The player will soon start to have lightning telegraphs that continuously spawn and stay at his location. So he has to move, quickly enough to avoid the telegraphs, but slowly enough to help other players staying in the safe zone.

Don’t run across the room and you will not take any damage from this phase.
The big room covering telegraph will soon disappear, and everyone will be the target of lightning telegraphs that will stay on the ground for a while.

Stormtalon will alternate theses phases until killed.

Stormtalon’s Lair Gallery