Zook, LoopZook & RendeZook, Only in Battlefield moments

Battlefield series always had inventive players looking for spectacular moves and trying their best to artistically kill their opponents, leading to very good game moments, now called « Only in Battlefield moments » by DICE.
One of those epic moments was a well known player exiting his jet, killing the chasing jet with an RPG then re-entering his jet calling this a RendeZook.

Let’s do some clarifications about Zook, LoopZook and RendeZook tactics.

The Zook

Firing an unguided rocket was the only tactic in Battlefield 1942 for infantry to shoot down aircraft (No fancy lock-on missiles), players called this technique a Zook.
This method was and is still in use in Battlefield with SMAW or RPG.

The LoopZook

Battlefield 1942 also saw the most advanced move called LoopZook : chased by another plane, you make a loop, jump out of your plane during vertical ascension, fire the rocket, and while your plane is slowed from the climb, adjust and get back in it.
You can’t do that anymore in Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4, as you are unable to make a loop with a jet.

The RendeZook

Stun_Gravy planned to do the same as soon as Battlefield 3 released and succeeded :

But since it was not a loop move, Stun_Gravy contracted the word Rendez-Vous (with his plane) with Zook to create the RendeZook.

A RendeZook can be executed while dog-fighting by bailing from your aircraft and shooting down another aircraft who is chasing you with a rocket launcher and finally re-entering your aircraft (The last part is not optional for the RendeZook)
Another Stun_Gravy video, mid-air Jet Swap